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I feel honoured and privileged to function as the Principal of The World School (ICSE) Bhusawal. I would like to thank the management of the Kolte Foundation for this opportunity. At The World School, we ensure a high-quality education that motivates and empowers our students to become lifelong learners and productive members of society.
At The World School, education is not just the amount of information that we inculcate in the child’s personality  it is also a continuous learning and development experience through smart class rooms with effective E-content, extensive Indoor and Outdoor activities that delivers and enriches a child’s focus in an ICSE balanced curriculum. We engage students in a conceptual and practical based learning.
Our Education system is ‘An ideal Education’ where teachers work to provide students with emotional and innovative thoughts that meet the unique academic and social needs of individual students.
We at the World School strive for excellence, academics, ethics and good moral values. Various counselling seminars are organized for faculty and students.
I strongly believe that parents are the primary and most important teacher of the child, they play a vital role in the education of their children. We always strive to build a healthy parent-teacher relationship that is important to our students' academic achievement. We promote regular and effective communication with parents via our customized mobile application.
We are really fortunate to have a community of supportive and active parents, dedicated and competent staff, excellent resources, buildings and the most fantastic students.
Our commitment to our community is to lead the student with avidity and fervor to reach their goal and create an altruistic citizen of India.

The words "WE PLAY, GROW, LEARN IN OUR SCHOOL" serve as the motto and slogan that will forever inspire our children throughout their lives.


Mrs. Patricia C. Hassett.

Mr. Nitin A. Koli

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